NSD Compensation - Booklet - P.Danforth adaptation of MKHQ doc

NSD Compensation - Categories - Comp & $M - Fam Sec - IC & Diamond - P.Danforth

Director Tools
Nita's Favorite Recordings

Bubble Phone Calls Audio

Bubble Phone Calls Tracking Sheet

Why it is valueable for your new consultant to have inventory

1-610-214-0299 access code 506851#

Director Center


Director Emotional Cycle - from Kristin Meyers


Car Tracking Sheets

Cadillac Tracker

Cruze Tracker

Premier Plus Tracker

Premier Tracker


Makeover Contest Documents

Color Certification Certificate -Word

Face Entries

Star Consultant Certificates -Publisher


Director Tracking Sheets

National Tracking Chart

Production Goal Forecast Form

Production Forecast



Nita's Strategy for Each Month

1. Create a Unit Strategy Notebook where you will file these documents including your Focus Folder at the end of every month.

2. Print the Beginning of the Month Checklist and work on this the 1st of every month.

3. Put together your Focus Folder


Focus Folder (using a manila folder)

Cover Sheet - Publisher

Page 1 (outside flap)

Production Forecast Sheet (inside left - choose 1)

Tracking Sheet -by Kathy Goff | $15,000 Forecast | $20,000 Forecast

Interview Tracking Sheet (inside right)

Page 2 (back)

Director Self-Evaluation

Working with New Consultants
Working With New Consultants

New Consultant Welcome Packet

New Consultant Training Tracking Sheet

New Consultant Folder Sheet

New Consultant Checklist

New Consultant Orientation Agenda


New Consultant Breakfast Program

New Consultant Breakfast Notes

Breakfast Casserole Recipe


New Consultant Breakfast Binder Contents

Cover - My Goals -Publisher

Pat Danforth Bio

Danforth Pin Consultant Contest

Image by Pat Danforth

Weekly Plan Sheet

Party Coaching Sheet

Script for Pre-Profiling

Get Set for Beauty Close Sheet

Get Set for Glamour Close Sheet

Business Tracking Register

Mary Kay 60/40 Reinvesting

Understanding Activity Status

Organization 101

Expense Tracking Form

Weekly Accomplishment Sheet

Moving Up the Mary Kay Career Path

Monthly Tracking Sheet


Weekly Postcards for New Consultants

Below you will find 6 Post Cards that I send to all new consultants. I mail one a week. To track who I am sending the postcards to and what week they are on I print a sheet of mailing labels for every new consultant. In the corner I number them 1- 6. I mail the postcards on the same day every week. I use the leftover mailing labels for extra postcards I send to each new consultant over the coming weeks. The Company has told us that this is the most crtiical time for new consultants and they are most vulberable in weeks 6-8. I feel these post cards have made a difference with my New Consultants and the communication I have with them. (All postcards are in publisher)


Week 1 - Welcome to Mary Kay

Week 2 - New Consultant Training Program

Week 3 - Practice Makes Perfect

Week 4 - Staying Plugged In

Week 5 - The Emotion Cycle

Week 6 - Set Your Sights on Red


Postcards & Letters

The Thank You for Ordering postcard is now an e-card.

All consultants with the following status receive an e-card: A3, I1, I2, I3, & T1, last month T-status, and N2. I am also mailing a letter to consultants with A3, I1, lat month T-status and N2 status a letter attached to their newsletter.

You can find all of the instructions for the e-cards and letter here. Below are the links to the text for each letter.


E-Card & Newsletter Instructions

A3 -Publisher

I1 -Publisher

I2 -Word

I3 & T1 -Word

Last Month T -Publisher

New Consultants Not Ordering N2 -Publisher

Monthly Discount Reminder -Publisher


Moving Up Packets

A list of all contents for the Movin' Up packets can be found HERE.
The following are documents you can print for the Movin' Up packets:

1 Away From Red Letter -Word

1 Away from Team Leader -Word

Red Jacket Letter -Word

Red Jacket Flyer -Publisher

Senior Consultant Letter Word

Team Leader Letter -Word


Developing Offspring

DIQ Presentation PDF | Word

Letter to the Future Unit -Word (mail the 1st month of DIQ)

Letter to the Husband of the Future Director -Word

DIQ Kick-Off Party -Word

DIQ Kick-Off Agenda

Working with New Directors
Working With New Directors

Systems for New Sales Directors

Training for New Sales Directors - Thank You Senior Sales Director Laura Morrow