About Nita

Nita's Godwin, Sr. Pink Cadillac Sales Director
Began Mary Kay in August of 2000 and earned her free car 10 months later
Director Debut November 2001
Honors 12 time Circle of Achievement $300,000 3x, $350,000  3x, $400,000, $450,000 2x, $500,000, $600,000
6 times Double Star Achievement
5 times in the National Court of Sales
2 Time National Court of Sharing
#1 in Unit Recruiting at Career Conference 2003
Broke a Tarbet Area record with the most Unit produciton her first year as a Sales Director and as the youngest Pink Cadillac Sales Director
Cadillac Director for 13 years
59 Quarters as a Star Consultant

Working to complete her GodWins National Area by June 2016 to debut on stage with her girlfriends!
Highest commission check over $11,400 in one month


In August of 2000, I signed my beauty consultant agreement and began my journey in Mary Kay. At the time, I was a new College graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications and a minor in Dance. I had just finished doing an internship with Disney at Walt Disney World and was looking for a way to make great money, work from home and have fun!!  When I found Mary Kay, I was very impressed by the marketing plan and the ability to work at your own pace. I also loved the product and so was excited about getting all of my personal products for a discount!!! After 1 year after signing my agreement with Mary Kay, I had earned the use of my first free car with Mary Kay and was in the process of moving into the top 2% of leaders in the company.  That year, I also earned my first diamond ring with Mary Kay as a part of the prestigious National Court of Sales.    6 months after earning the use of my free car with Mary Kay, I was able to quit my full time job and do Mary Kay full time.
14  years later, I am able to still enjoy the flexibility of working from home as my husband and I have twin 4 year old girls! It is so amazing to see the Mary Kay opportunity in action as I am able to make an executive income while being a work from home mom as my husband travels 20 days out of the month.


Please welcome Pink Cadillac Sales Director Nita Godwin


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Nita's Why



Mission Statement

I am motivated by changing the lives of others. Instead of living in a “dream world”, I am passionate about helping women “live out their dreams.”
I pursue excellence in my marriage, in my role as a parent & caretaker, in my spiritual life, with my health, in the relationships around me, in my financial security and within the arena of Mary Kay.
I choose to work my Mary Kay business on a daily basis because I know the power of daily activity that builds massive momentum. I also believe in the power of ONE.. one team member making a difference, one customer, one selling appointment, one phone call and one step out of my comfort zone that can move mountains.
I rely 100% in God’s guidance to pursue the life of my dreams. Knowing that if it is divinely inspired, it is my God given right to claim it.
My passion for enriching the lives of others overflows into my work ethic and my ability to help others believe more in their own abilities and talents.
As I build the GodWIN National Area, I will engage my heart, soul, mind and strength and will give God the glory.