Welcome to the site where dreams come true!!
I am passionate about helping women make their dreams come true while putting God first, family second and career third. I have been blessed with an amazing group of women whom I lead to be excellent in pursuing their dream lives while helping others along the way. We are influential in our businesses, our families and our communities. Believing that "One Woman Can" make a difference. I know that you can be that "One Woman" who makes a difference for your own family.


Since I have been a consultant with Mary Kay, I have earned 9 free cars, 7 of them the prestigious Pink Cadillac and my Unit has ranked in the top .04% of the company for the last 13 years!
We are building a National Area that will wow the Mary Kay world with every single Sales director producing at the Pink Cadillac level while having harmony in their personal lives.
My family is my "Why" and our children give me the fuel to get up everyday and share Mary Kay with one more person today.

My amazing husband has a stronger work ethic than anyone I know as an over the road long haul truck driver. Our daughter Taitum wants to be "a mermaid when she grows up" and our daughter Olivia wants to be a "Princess when she grows up".
Our twin girls are gifts from God that we waited for 8 years in our marriage to be blessed with. Everyday they amaze us with their beauty inside and out.

Thank you for visiting the Pink Patriot and building GodWins area website! I hope you find what you need. Send me a txt message if you need anything at 571-437-8026
God bless and remember that God will Win over any personal or business obstacle you are facing